Cruise Ship Transfer


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Edinburgh Cab Tours have found that an increasing number of it's enquiries and bookings have come from passengers on board the various cruise ships visiting Edinburgh as part of the British Isles itinerary. Because of the geography of Edinburgh and the location of the disembarkation points for the various ships, a transfer cost will be charged. Full Day Tours will NOT incur transfer charges. However, our shorter tours (upto Half Day or upto 4 hours) will incur the additional transfer costs shown below.

The transfer time is not included in the time allocated to the tour. Therefore passengers will receive their full allocated time on the tour. Please note that transfers are only available in conjunction with a tour.


Costs are for the vehicle, NOT per person. Costs are each way to the city centre.

  • Newhaven - £25
  • Ocean Terminal - £25
  • South Queensferry - £35
  • Rosyth - £50