I'm Andy, your driver and guide, and I have been a Black Cab driver and tour guide in Edinburgh for 14 years.

Edinburgh Cab Tours will help make your stay in Edinburgh memorable and enjoyable by showing you the best our city has to offer.

We will show you remnants from Edinburgh's past, the good and some of the not-so-good. We offer informative and entertaining tours, delivered in a light-hearted manner.


Why choose Edinburgh Cab Tours?

  • Insight - As a local, I will show you why Edinburgh has been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Tour Choices - We don't just do Edinburgh. If you want a personalised tour outside of Edinburgh then contact me with your ideas.
  • "Off the beaten track" - I will tell you about some personal insights that don't make it into the guide books.
  • Pushed for time? - Simply want to "do the sights"? contact me to arrange a short tour and pricing.
  • Vehicle Choice - Standard vehicle (upto 6 passengers) or luxury vehicle (upto 7 passengers) is available.
  • Disability friendly - Our standard Caledonia taxi is able to carry a wheelchair-assisted passenger (and four others).

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